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About Cityscape Exhibitions

Cityscape Global is the world’s largest networking exhibition and conference on property development. It is a trade show for the real estate industry in Dubai attended by regional and international investors, developers, architects and designers, governmental authorities, people involved in the design and construction of both public and private real estate developments. Over 150 local, regional, and international real estate firms exhibit their projects and services at the exhibition at the Dubai International Convention Centre (DICEC). It is organized by Informa Exhibitions. Sister events of Cityscape global are Cityscape Abu Dhabi, Cityscape Egypt, Cityscape Riyadh, Cityscape Jeddah, Cityscape Qatar, Latin America, and Cityscape Asia

Companies and individuals like real estate developers, cities & regional authorities, real estate investors, financial consultants, banks, fund managers, financial institutions, investment companies, pension funds, REITs, venture capitalists, insurance companies, hedge funds, fund management companies, private equity investors, asset management companies, architects, designers and urban planners exhibit their product and services during the event.

The event is visited by investors, banks and financial institutions, commercial & residential property developers, high-net-worth individuals, property advisers, architects, designers, real estate portfolio managers & solution providers, project managers and directors, municipal & regional government authorities, construction companies, senior executives of key organizations involved in the design and construction.

Cityscape Global Conferences

Cityscape global is a platform for regional and international experts to discuss a range of pressing industry topics. The following are the conferences organized during the event.

Global Real Estate Seminars

The Global Real Estate Seminars at Cityscape Global is a meeting point for the regional and international real estate community. The event highlights the importance of sound strategy in today’s marketplace. Over two days the event provides delegates with the newest ideas, strategies and contacts to thrive in international real estate.

World Architecture Congress

The World Architecture Congress is a forum for the global architecture and design industry. The conference focus on determining new best practice, highlighting international design triumphs and delivering sustainable communities for the future. Speakers from around the world gather for two days to share their experiences and lead the delegation in dialogue to achieve new standards of quality in design.

Future Cities Conference

Future Cities[15] is a forum uniting public and private sector stakeholders in active discussion to tackle the challenges urban leaders face in implementing and maintaining sustainable urban growth in challenging economic times. Through presentations, one-to-one interviews and discussion panels, Future Cities helps delegates and speakers to find solutions and long term strategies for ensuring social, economic and environmental development of tomorrow’s global cities.

Retail City Conference

It is a forum for global retailers, investors, shopping centre developers, franchise networks, shopping centre management and regional authorities to take a new look at the retail real estate environment in the context of the economic downturn, devise and adapt strategies to new realities and capitalise on opportunities available.

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